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by Paul Hammant, William Beebe


Armond Avanes and his team have written a html browser in pure Swing/Java and that does a very good job of rendering web content. There's no JavaScript yet, but it's planned. It's fairly full featured other than that (history, navigation aids, bookmarks). See below:

XBrowser picture

The current code is a fork of the version 3.3 codebase, done by Armond himself If you like what you see, please send an email to Armond to encourage him further!. The application is GPL licensed and the binary and source versions are available here.

A zip of the source for XBrowser : - 785K.

An installable jar of XBrowser : XBrowser3_3_Jesktop.jar - 718K (don't forget to right click / save-as in Netscape).


XBrowser is GPL.

Main XBrowser Site

Please visit the home page for XBrowser and support this excellent application:

Please also take a look at the sourceforge site for XBrowser

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