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by Paul Hammant



Jipe is an IDE for Java. It was ported in Mar of 2001 from Steve Lawson's original source.

As of June 2001, Jipe does compile the source and run it inside Jesktop. What happens is that the whole of tools.jar is inclided in the jipe.jar installable, This adds 4.6Mb to the jar size making it not very downloadable. Also, as tools.jar is copyright Sun Microsystems, it's not allowed to be included in an application (free, open or commercial). What's recommended is that you build the app yourself and then install your local jipe.jar. The source download contains all that you need (you have set JAVA_HOME and PATH havn't you.

TODO: unzip tools.jar and only include those packages strictly necessary.


Jipe is GPL.

Main Jipe Site

Jipe resides at Sourceforge. It doesn't look like it's been updates since October 2000.

Please also take a look at the main site for Jipe

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